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You can choose a number of configurations to suit your needs including kitchen, shower, toilet, internal walls and more.

Highlander cabins come with window coverings, lights and power points as required.

Hidden away in the heart of the rainforest, Hunchy Hideaway is one of Montville’s most luxurious bed and breakfast options.

Our cabins are shrouded in the natural beauty and tranquility of nature, providing a peaceful, relaxing setting that allows you to forgot about the outside world, and focus on what’s important – each other.

For a minimal fee, Highlander’s Cabins and Sleep-outs can be delivered to your site.Jasper National Park has an excellent selection of seasonal log cabins and chalet style accommodation to choose from.Compared to Jasper Alberta hotels, the cabin accommodations listed below are generally further from town, and offer more extensive grounds in a natural Canadian Rockies setting.Highlander Cabins and Sleep-outs are made with high quality insulation panel which provides for unparalleled environmental control and comfort.Because of the steel construction and aluminium joinery, Highlander units are also very secure.Although rustic in appearance the Jasper Park Lodge offers all the amenities you would expect from a first class hotel, including an excellent selection of restaurants, award winning golf course, and a spa.


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