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Birger investigates not only the consequences of this unequal ratio of college-educated men to women on dating but also a host of other social issues.

How did these answers come up as the most relevant results? For all you romantics, there is real hope It comes from a problem in statistics.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the available, sociable, and genuinely attractive man is a character highly in demand in social settings.

Dinner hosts are always looking for the man who fits all the criteria.

But like so many other things on the Inter Web, it’s an illusion.

Hot is going to fail, and not because it caters to a niche crowd.

" A woman chooses to receive the question and chooses again once the question is asked.

Modeling the True Love Game Dating and relationships are complicated social interactions so they need to be simplified before coming up with any meaningful analysis.

In this statistics game, you search for your true love by dating and having relationships with various people.

Hence the intrinsically flawed business model behind Hot, a matchmaking Web site exclusively for “ .” Access to this database of desirability is granted to those ranked 8 or higher by Hot’s current members — those symmetrical few who themselves land on the high end of the Bo Derek periodic table. I assure you it’s only because I’m generally filled with black and hate.

Only then are you allowed to pay .95 a month for the privilege of e-hitting on the site’s 1,000 or so members. There’s no special loathing reserved for the attractive insecure, and certainly the Internet has been nothing but great to me.


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