Food code dating expiration codes

As they are not really intended for general public knowledge these codes are frequently unique to a particular processor and are not commonly published by them.

It is possible to get the keys to these codes by contacting the processor and asking how to decipher the dating code for specific product lines.

Expiration dates can be hard to locate on a product and even more challenging to decipher.

Currently, the United States does not have a regulated or standard system for coding expiration dates on food, except for those on baby food and infant formula.

If the use-by date has expired, the food may be unsafe to eat, even if it looks and smells “okay”.

Foods cannot legally be sold after the use-by date because they may pose a health or safety risk, which is why retailers put such great emphasis on having clear and accurate date coding.

These dates are not "use by" dates, but the time the container was actually filled.

All other dates and codes are added voluntarily by manufacturers.

There are two types of expiration codes on products.

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