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The initiative was created to respond to the number of Jews who are marrying non-Jews not because they aren’t interested in marrying within the faith, but because they couldn’t find suitable Jewish partners.JToronto was created as a counterpart to JMontreal, which was started by Rabbi Yisroel Bernath, director of Chabad of Notre-Dame-de-Grâ a 100% free online dating website, providing dating services for everyone.

We truly believe that "no one should be alone" and as such, we have tried to relate many different niche internet dating sites in order to give the average person a better chance of finding that certain someone.

These include inquiries about your sect (Reform, Conservative, Orthodox, etc.), your level of observance, and whether you are willing to be set up with people who are converting or who aren’t Jewish at all. Although this may seem counterintuitive, it makes sense.

Some non-Jews seek out Jewish partners, while some Jews seek out non-Jewish partners.

For a chief rabbi in a country where intermarriage is rampant, the halachic issues of marriage, divorce, and conversion create a set of unique problems.

If a divorce needs to take place, a beis din is flown over from Argentina to implement it.


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    How did people meet before the days of online dating? As a rider, you face the dilemma of being completely honest about yourself in your profile, and therefore giving away the fact that you will never love any prospective suitor as much as you love your horse, which could be off-putting, or lying, and ending up with someone who doesn’t like horses, or thinks they smell, or something. Perhaps treading some kind of middle ground is the way forward.