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In this example, a collection of objects is bound to a Collection View Source. Item If t Is Not Nothing Then ' If filter is turned on, filter completed items.

The Collection View Source is used as the Items Source for the Data Grid.

You can only enter 1 character if you tab into the control.

Click on the control with the cursor does not allow the entry of any digits.

Items that have an Item Template have the following collapse/expand issues: - they require two clicks to collapse for the first time - setting Expanded=false on the server keeps the Item Template expanded - until you click their header they do not heave the coloring and expand/collapse arrow See this changeset on how the templates should work and the change from the previous descriptions: https://github.com/telerik/ajax-docs/commit/67f0a252ff24e2397e042fe5797de3610a75221d which is available in the following article to https://github.com/telerik/kendo-ui-core/issues/3519workaround for rounding function is using Custom Functions Function("ROUND", function (x) ).args([ ["x", "number"); Cell cell = new Cell() ; This only affects the Edge browser as far as I can tell.

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When dd is greather than 12 then while rendering in edit mode Month and Date is rendered correctly.

For Bug Report : Note: We are using MM/dd/yyyy as Internal Date format to prevent issue while inserting or updating value.

Steps to reproduce: When we use dd-MM-yyyy and yyyy-dd-MM Date Display Fformat for Rad Date Picker/Rad Date Time Picker control as well as view mode in Radgrid Batch Edit mode it's render behaviour is inconsistent1.

A valid SQL statement should look like SELECT * FROM Products WHERE ([Discontinued] = 1)or SELECT * FROM Products WHERE ([Discontinued] = ' True')but Rad Grid provides something like([Discontinued] = True)in the Master Table View. By default Rad Grid filters the data on its own after retrieving the entire data set form the data source, and the filtering operation works like that.

If you will be using the filter expression provided by the grid in a custom data source operation you may need to tweak the string first.


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