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The lightweight LXDE is available as an alternative desktop environment.

状態: The Black Lab Linux team has announced the availability of a minor upgrade to the distribution's 11.x series.

Porteus is a fast, portable and modular live CD/USB medium based on Slackware Linux.

The distribution started as a community remix of Slax, another Slackware-based live CD, with KDE 3 as the default desktop for the i486 edition and a stripped-down KDE 4 as the desktop environment for the x86_64 flavour.

• 2017-04-09: Distribution Release: LXLE 16.04.2 • 2016-07-31: Distribution Release: LXLE 16.04.1 • 2016-03-26: Distribution Release: LXLE 14.04.4 • 2016-02-27: Development Release: LXLE 14.04.4 RC • 2016-02-01: Development Release: LXLE 14.04.4 Beta • 2015-08-31: Distribution Release: LXLE 14.04.3 • More LXLE news...

LXLE is an easy-to-use lightweight desktop Linux distribution based on Lubuntu and featuring the LXDE desktop environment.

The required program to be able to talk to the Smart Array is called ‘hpacucli’, which can be found in the ‘HP Service Pack for Pro Liant’ package.

That is, you will need to register a license key for every IOS image that needs Advanced IP and receive an activation key to activate those features.

Licensing is basically similar to how the ASA software licenses work today.

So you get one software image that has all the features for that platform.

You should note that IOS 15 enforces licensing for the Advanced feature sets.


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